Want to optimize your workplace for fast flow?

Fast flow is the key to happy and successful software teams.

But, how is fast flow created?

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How do you achieve fast flow without also adding additional pressure on the team? Even better, achieve fast flow within a humanistic environment of empowered, autonomous team members with a shared purpose.

In this mini-book, you will learn from 6 industry experts in 5 articles on how to understand the mindset, approaches, and practices that enable fast flow.

Front cover of the ebook: 'Optimizing for fast flow': Key industry insights in 5 articles: 1 - Psychological safety; 2 - Communities of Practice; 3 - Value streams with Team Topologies; - Internal platforms for alignment; 5 - Observability

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What you will get

The articles cover both technical and social practices that underpin modern software delivery.

They discuss issues including:

  • How to structure an organization for fast flow.

  • How to structure teams and their interactions.

  • The key ingredient to successful teams as determined by Google in its wide-ranging research.

  • How to explain your ways of working to those who are used to slower, project-based delivery.

  • Decision-making and sense-making techniques for fast flow.

  • Technical practices that help to optimize software architecture and organizational architecture for speed and flow.

  • How fast flow benefits colleagues, the business, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • What enables and inhibits fast flow?

  • Who should lead organizational change? Should ‘change’ have its own department?

  • Why silos are bad for business and how you might have more of them than you realize.

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